Doctor Column

Hot Tips for Preventing Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion

The recent heat wave has placed climate change on the front burners of public health officials across the globe. Record temperatures in many parts of the world has scorched the earth leaving in its wake droughts, fires, famine and deaths. In July of 2022, more than 20 states in America have recorded more than 200 high temperatures breaking heat records in the process. Government and state agencies have issued guidelines to prevent heat related illness.

269T Who Needs to Get Tested for COVID-19?

People are getting mixed signals from the authorities concerning who should get tested, and treated for COVID-19? Also, there is confusion as to when is the best time to be tested for COVID-19? Annabella was delighted to be her sister’s bridesmaid. She had a wonderful time at the wedding, dancing, and chatting with many guests. The next day, she wondered, “Should I get tested for COVID?” She didn’t complain of any symptoms, and decided not to test for the virus.

268T Gun Violence A Public Health Crisis, and An American Tragedy

Gun violence is endemic in the U. S., and is increasing at a lunatic rate. In 2020, a record 45, 222 Americans were shot dead especially from gun murders, and gun suicides. Gun murders accounted for 47% of gun deaths, suicides 54%, and three per cent were due to other causes such as unintentional gun deaths, and those involving law enforcement, according to the CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

270T Monkeypox An Under Reported Virus in the U. S?

Monkeypox (MPX) is a rare, viral, infectious disease that’s related to, and distinct from smallpox, and cowpox. It is caused by the Monkeypox virus (MPXV). The disease occurs primarily in the tropical rainforest areas of central and west Africa, and is exported to other regions. Of particular concern is the surging number of cases since May of this year. The outbreaks have emerged, as of this writing, in forty-seven countries where the disease is not usually found, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Four Major Sleep Disorders

Sleep, like food, is a basic human necessity. In 2020, the U. S. Census Bureau counted 258.3 million adults living in the United States. A startling “one third of U. S. adults report that they usually get less than the recommended amount of sleep,” says the CDC.

Understanding How Sleep Works: Non-REM Sleep and REM Sleep

Healthy sleep is as essential to our wellbeing as is a healthy diet. A massive one third of American adults get inadequate sleep described as less than seven hours of sleep per night In the mid-20th century, many scientists thought the brain to be fundamentally dormant during sleep. Recent studies paint a picture. of the brain’s vibrant activity.

The Liver: How It Looks and How It Works

The liver is the largest internal organ in the body. It weighs 3 to 3.5 pounds and is located mainly on the right side of the body below the lungs and diaphragm. It extends approximately from the right fifth rib to the lower border of the rib cage. The sickle shaped falciform ligament separates the liver into the much larger right lobe and a smaller left lobe.