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The rise of telemedicine

Tim Bright’s work as a well‐site geologist for Denver‐based Columbine Logging Inc. takes him from his home in Las Vegas to jobs all over the Rocky Mountain region. One Saturday in early November, Bright was preparing to go to an undeveloped job site in northern Nevada, where he would spend three weeks away from civilization.

Employer Survey on Purchasing Value in Health Care

The crisis that every consumer or business owner faces when buying health insurance is caused by a flawed system. Most carriers rely on agents and brokers to sell their products and give them incentives — commissions – to do so. What happens when premiums go down? Commissions go down. Therefore, agents and brokers really have no incentive to offer product solutions that will bring premiums down. Health care consumers are being fleeced by undereducated health care brokers who are over-occupied with commissions.

Telemedicine at work: Oregon docs save baby’s life

When a seven-month-old baby had a fever over 102 and a rash, doctors at a small hospital in rural Oregon used telemedicine to connect to Oregon Heath and Science University. She was eventually diagnosed with a serious bacterial infection. The decision? To fly the child to the Portland, Oregon hospital.