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Pets and the Pandemic: Seven Benefits of Pets During COVID-19

Karen and Peter looked forward to celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this past September in Europe. They planned to spend three weeks in Italy beginning in the Lake District of Northern Italy, then onto Venice and from there to Florence and Rome. They were crestfallen when the European Union put a “Do Not Enter Europe” sign on American tourists because of high incidence of COVID-19 in the United States

Monoclonal Antibodies: A COVID’-19 Nemesis?

When President Donald J. Trump contracted COVID-19 in October of 2020, he was treated at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center with a cornucopia of drugs to combat his sickness. They included, as far as we know, Remdesivir, dexamethasone, a monoclonal antibody cocktail plus other medications and supplements to fight off the infection.

Pain 101 — The Basics: How Can We Make Sense of Pain?

Pain tells us that there’s something’s wrong in the body. It has a peculiar way of speaking to us. Whether we complain about a mild headache or the intense, agonizing pain of a fractured thigh bone, it seems to say: “Listen up. It’s for your own good. There may be something terribly wrong going on in the body and you better act quickly to correct the problem.”

Coronaphobia: The Emotional Effects of COVID-19 and Mrs. Michelle Obama

Former First Lady Michelle Obama announced in her podcast on August 5 that she’s suffering from “low-grade” depression. She said it this way: “I know I’m dealing with some form of low-grade depression because of the quarantine, because of the racial strife.” It’s “dispiriting” watching the day-in and day-out hypocrisy of this administration. She had difficulty sleeping and there were periods “where I’ve felt too low” and “where you just don’t feel yourself.”