Doctor Column

Damar Hamlin: Sudden Cardiac Arrest (“Commotio Cordis”) and The Game of Life

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest on January2, 2023 after tackling Cincinnati Bengals receiver Tee Higgins in the first quarter of the game broadcasted on “Monday Night Football.” People in the stands at Paycor Stadium and those at home were stunned as they watched Hamlin stand up from the tackle and a few seconds later crumbled to the ground, stretched out on his back, lying motionless.

Seizure First Aid .. What ‘You’ Can Do to Help a Person Having a Seizure

When I was an undergraduate, the University organized an October field trip to Vermont for a long weekend. On the second day of the trip, a bunch of us were having lunch on wooden tables and benches. I was seated next to and chatting with Mike, whom I met for the first time the previous day. When I asked him a question and he didn’t answer, I turned, and saw a stiff body staring ahead. I caught him as he keeled over towards me.

A Peek at Pee: What Do the 8 Urine Colors Mean?

The kidneys make urine when they filter your blood. Water makes up 95% of urine. The other 5% consists of materials such as creatinine, urea, ammonia and the ions of sodium, calcium and potassium. This ratio is noteworthy because too much or too little water, plus other factors, affect the color of your urine. What are the different colors of the urine? What do they mean? When should I see my doctor?

RSV Threat to Infants and Elderly

Imagine looking at your 6 month old child or grandchild frantically gasping for air, breathing rapidly with a whistling or rattling sound in the chest, and the baby’s ribs pulling in and out, and stomach moving up and down. You rush the infant to the emergency department (ED) of your hospital in critical condition. When you get there, you discover that the ED is crowded, doctors scurry about, and other children are experiencing similar problems.

Troponin Test and Heart Attacks

“Doctor, am I having a heart attack?” Everyday thousands of patients with chest pain ask emergency department (ED) doctors that question. With advances in medical research and a blood test, doctors can advise patients with a high degree of confidence: “You’re not having a heart attack.”

CBD: Yellow Light for CBD — “How Can I Separate Fact from Hype?”

I recently went to my local pharmacist to pick up a prescription. On the counter was a brochure about CBD. A picture of an attractive young woman’s face was 50% covered with words: such as migraine headaches, pain, inflammation, anxiety, memory loss, depression, appetite, sleep fertility motor control, immune function, pleasure and reward. The message was clear; use CBD and get relief from these disorders.

Ten ‘Q & A’s About Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a chronic, progressive, movement disorder of the brain that usually develops slowly over time that gives rise to unintentional or uncontrollable movements. It is classified as a movement (motor) disorder because it causes tremors, balance instability, slowness of movement and stiffening movements. But non-motor symptoms of PD such as depression, fatigue, anxiety, loss of taste and smell are serious concerns of people with PD.